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  • Lightroom Preset in .xmp Format für PC und Mac
  • Lightroom Preset in .DNG Format für Lightroom Mobile


What are Presets anyway?

Are you wondering why Lightroom presets have become increasingly popular and talked about on social media? Almost every photographer, Instagramer or visual content creator has been talking about their editing process with the Adobe application.

But don’t despair if you feel like you’re not part of the club just because you’re not a professional photographer or editor! Lightroom works for everybody no matter how much you know about editing in photography. Especially mobile presets for Lightroom continue to raise significant awareness amongst avid social media users, as they basically do the work for you by providing professional editing in just one click.

We’ll walk you through the editing process with Lightroom presets and bring you up to speed in terms of professional editing standards for social media. So you never have to worry about losing track of your Instagram or blog theme again!


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